Incode's Digital

Incode uses multiple digital modalities to understand
if someone is who they say they are.

Face Recognition

Incode’s on device (edge) face recognition is top ranked by the US government.

Liveness Detection

Incode’s liveness detection doesn’t require user actions while using 3D light-modeling for maximum security.

ID Validation

Incode’s ID validation models performs 100+ checks to confirm that a user’s ID is authentic, untampered, and valid.

Fingerprint ID

Incode’s fingerprint recognition captures and verifies a user’s fingerprint with just a mobile device.

What will more smiles do for your business?

Incode offers digital identity B2B solutions that revolutionize institutions, retailers, startups, and global companies.

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Smile to onboard

Users can apply for a new bank account or credit card in under 60 seconds - without downloading an app.

Auto capturing. Hold still...
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Smile to login

Think Apple FaceID but for iOS, Android and web. Very fast, and you own your user's data.

Face the camera to log in
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Smile to greet

Users are automatically recognized at the bank with just their face.

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Smile to withdraw

Users can withdraw money from the ATM without their debit card.

Face the Camera
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Smile for rewards

Users can earn loyalty points at their favorite stores with just their face. No more membership cards. Easy POS integration.

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Smile to pay

Users can pay for goods and services with just their face. No cash or credit card needed.