Consent and Written Release for the Collection, Use, Disclosure and Storage of Biometric Information

In order to verify that you are the person depicted in your government-issued identification, the General Services Administration (hereinafter “GSA” uses third-party technology from Incode Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter “Incode”) to collect personal data and/or information from or about you, including biometric information and biometric identifiers such as your faceprint (“Biometric Information”), a selfie, and government-issued identification, including information obtained by scanning the barcode (collectively with Biometric Information, “Personal Data”). Specifically, GSA and/or Incode will ask you to take a selfie through the Incode Omni Powered by Incode platform through GSA’s web and/or native application. Incode will then scan and map your facial features in comparison with the picture on your government-issued identification to allow you to participate in the Equity Study with GSA. Incode may also share your Personal Data, including your Biometric Information, with a third-party identification service provider or the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify your identity.

Biometric Information: GSA and Incode may use your Personal Data, including Biometric Information for the following purposes (as applicable), in each case as further described in GSA’s Privacy Policy and/or Incode’s Privacy Policy:

  • To provide the services for which the Personal Data was provided; and
  • To comply with GSA or Incode’s obligations under applicable law.

Government Identification Information: Using Incode Omni on the GSA website and/or application requires Incode to take a picture of the front and back of: (1) your driver’s license or state-issued identification card; or (2) your U.S. passport. This allows Incode to compare the photo with the real-time image of you that Incode will capture through the “Let’s Take a Selfie” function. Incode will also collect other information that is on the front and back of your driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or U.S. passport, including by scanning the barcode and collecting information derived.