The mission of Government entails
unique requirements for security and privacy.

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Border and Travel Security

Whether the perimeter is digital or physical, Incode provides a range of biometric and digital identity verification for government to secure perimeters of all kinds, right at the edge.

Preventing Fraud in Public Benefits

Our anti-fraud systems are engineered to detect and deter illicit activity, ensuring your department or organization remains compliant and your operations remain robust and secure.

Incode’s portable identity for enterprises solution and built-in biometrics ensures that digital identities remain securely with your users, no matter where they go.

Man and civil servant
Officer holding a cell phone

Personal Identity Verification for Federal Employees and Contractors

Incode helps manage the constant challenge of providing access to the right people while denying entry to bad actors. 

Integration options from no-code to full-stack let you bring multiple identity sources to help ensure no one slips through the cracks. 

Incode Digital identity verification for government provides:

World-class Biometrics for government

Provides fully portable identity for government employees in the field

Anti-fraud and anti-money laundering for government

Low code implementation options for ROI from day one

Automated verification for government


See it all in action, end-to-end biometric and digital identity solutions for government – get a demo to experience the real thing live.


  • Elevate security and enhance the user experience
  • Quickly deploy to mobile personnel
  • Experience truly low-friction implementation

Securely verify individuals with automated biometric and digital identity solutions for government. Prevent money laundering and enjoy portable identity verification. Discover more now.