Protect your help desk from social engineering by enhancing your IAM with real-world biometric authentication for employees.


Top companies switch to Incode for our proven impact on fraud protection and growth

Fraudsters don’t crack MFAs, OTPs and passwords – they just go around them

how fraudsters operate

Of organizations experienced an identity based fraud attack in 2023


Of organizations experienced an identity based fraud attack in 2023

how fraudsters operate

All three scenarios represent an open back door to enterprise security protocols

icon traditional mfa

Traditional MFA

icon device

Device-bound factors

headphones icon

Security questions

Enhance identity access management with a tamper-proof security layer

Here’s how it works

Here’s how it works

image initial setup

Initial setup

Employees verify their identity with a live selfie and a photo of a government-issued ID.

image uthenticate when prompted

Authenticate when prompted

Users authenticate with a simple, automated selfie

image request authentication slide

Request authentications

Help desks access a portal to generate authentication prompts that validates the true-identity of the user behind the device

Fortify enterprise security and free up help desk capacity

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user experience card image

User Experience

cost efficiency card image

Cost Efficiency

The Incode Advantage

With a strong grounding in AI-driven identity verification, Incode is the definitive partner in verifying employee identities for enterprise security. 

Best-in-class face recognition and liveness technology

Incode’s proprietary machine-learning models verify identities within milliseconds, ensuring the person behind the device is who they say they are.

Unparalleled identity fraud detection

Blocking over 99% of selfie capture fraud, Incode’s exclusive access to government Systems of Record keeps fraud away from your help desks.

Block injection attempts by default

Incode’s SDKs scan for and block unexpected software signatures to prevent exploit attempts via emulators and virtual cameras.

Verified employee identities are fundamental to overall enterprise security

Secure mobile and remote access


Safeguard financial transactions

Mission-critical systems protection

Enhance your IAM with an unspoofable biometric authenticator


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