Know your customer (eKYC)​

Offer end users an easy sign-up and non-document verification that’s compliant with global KYC/AML regulation, and optimized for conversions

Know your customer (eKYC) Incode

Leading companies are converting more high-quality customers with Incode

Leading companies are converting more high-quality customers with Incode

Automatically fill our your credentials

Only require users to share the necessary information needed to keep your business compliant and secure:

  • Compliance: on day 1 you’re compliant with KYC and AML – and for any global market in which you operate. We keep your solution compliant with any regulatory changes
  • Coverage: we integrate with a myriad of public and private data sources for maximum match rates across 200+ countries
  • Pre-filled fields: save your users time with pre-populated fields

Custom onboarding based on your requirements and users’ risk profile

  • Adaptive user paths: low friction verifications, with 99% of users validated in seconds and on their first try
  • IDV step-up: conditional logic and other signals automatically step-up users to IDV (doc scan + selfie) when needed. Learn more here
  • Pre-built templates: select from a library of pre-built modules for KYC, Kantara-Compliant, Age Verification, AML and more.  
  • eKYB: easily couple with eKYB for business and individual checks with a single implementation
Incode eKYC is compliant with KYC and AML
Fraud intelligence risk signals for enhanced verification

Our verifications are enhanced with additional fraud intelligence risk signals for the most accurate results:

  • User behavior: detecting anomalies that might indicate fraudulent activity (e.g. switching windows, speed of data entry)
  • Device: examining characteristics associated with fraud (e.g. OS, hardware configuration, identifying jailbroken devices) 
  • Network: cross-checking IP address, geolocation, VPNs, network reputation for legitimacy

Use cases to transform your business