In-Person Gaming


Transform hour-long lines into flowing customers with hassle-free verification


Verify and authenticate identity, age, and payment information for online gamblers, lottery players, and gaming enthusiasts whether in-person or on any device

Online Gaming

Incode’s easily orchestrated identity solutions enable your business’ success:

Accurately verify players’ age and identity, reducing the risk of underage use

Smooth, effortless account sign up and frictionless authentication to keep players engaged

Scalability to easily accommodate volume spikes without frustrating delays

Effectively counter payment fraud, account takeover, or identity theft while ensuring user privacy

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Reimagine seamless, intuitive onboarding and authentication with Incode Omni

Why incode?

  • Preserve Privacy with 100% Automation
  • Process Decisions with Lightning Speed
  • Guarantee Accuracy with continuously advancing AI/ML