Your biometric identity is the only authenticator you can’t lose. Close security gaps with biometric authentication to protect account logins, password resets, and high-risk transactions.


Top companies switch to Incode for our proven impact on fraud protection and growth


Accuracy in authenticating identities


To authenticate with a selfie for secure access


Better fraud prevention compared to industry average

Enhance security with face factor authentication.

After a one-time identity verification to match the valid ID document with a live photo capture, users can authenticate on any device with a simple selfie. 

Initial setup

First, the user takes a selfie and a photo of their ID

Initial setup

AI-powered liveness detection verifies photo authenticity within milliseconds 

Initial setup

Face matching
and connections
to government databases validate the identity

Initial setup

The Incode identity can now be used to authenticate the user on any device

How to authenticate

The authentication prompt opens a temporary mobile app, no installation required 

How to authenticate

The user proceeds to authenticate by taking a quick, automatically captured selfie

How to authenticate

Access granted!

Empowering users to authenticate in the most intuitive and secure way possible

Unspoofable facial biometrics


Detect more fraud at every interaction

Offer the best user experience

Face authentication is the key to secure, recurring identity verification

Traditional password- and device-based security factors without verifiable biometric factors are increasingly compromised by social engineering attacks

Compromised accounts let fraudsters to move freely 

Once device keys and passwords are compromised, bad actors can freely access confidential data and accounts.

Heightened security slows productivity

Enforcing increased use of tokens and passwords often leads to MFA fatigue, and can even spawn an increase in unsafe workarounds as a result.

Increased Compliance and Fraud Risks 

Attacks that successfully bypass knowledge- and device-bound factors are costly and risk non-compliance with legal requirements, such as age limits. 

Face Authentication vs. Face Unlock on smartphones 

Face Factor Authentication (FFA) and smartphones’ Face Unlock features serve different purposes. 

face authentication
face id and face unlock

Face ID and face unlock

Enhances personal device convenience, but the local storage of biometrics creates significant security risks if the device is compromised.


Stores authorized users’ biometrics securely in the cloud, preventing access by unauthorized persons even when passwords or the device itself are compromised.

face authentication

Biometric authentication to secure your business

Protect critical transactions with a safely stored biometric authentication layer that powers friction-free security.

Secure high-risk moments

Secure high-risk moments

protected credential recovery icon

Protected credential recovery

lock icon

Easy step-up verification 

Secured within our SOC 2-compliant infrastructure and built in adherence to OIDC standards

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Cyber Security

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Type II



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