Traditional Finance

Traditional finance

No compromises. Comply with government regulations while taking your revenue to new heights with lightning speed onboarding and up to 99% accuracy.


Protect your customers by offering frictionless, scalable onboarding and streamlined authentication without paper forms or human bias.


Incode’s revolutionary digital identification achieves:

Compliance with KYB, KYC and AML in real-time across borders

Automated, fully in-house developed workflows for seamless onboarding in minutes, not days

Certified, proven reduction in fraud attempts and continuous security optimization with Incode-developed passive liveness detection technology

Privacy-obsessed platform that secures customers’ sensitive data, winning trust

Significant reduction in abandonments to take your registrations to the max

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Reimagine seamless, intuitive onboarding and authentication with Incode Omni

Why incode?

  • Preserve Privacy with 100% Automation
  • Process Decisions with Lightning Speed
  • Guarantee Accuracy with continuously advancing AI/ML