Roll out the red carpet at every stage of the guest experience from check-in to check-out with personalized, superior privacy and world-class care


Whether by land, sea or air, our seamless identity verification solution is built with speed and security to elevate the guest experience



Ensure safety of conference, sporting, and concert attendees by only admitting ticketed customers and actively check against customers’ blacklists behind the scenes

Pampering each guest with the celebrity treatment:

Delivering unique and personalized service by tailoring options including user payment, seating, and dietary preference

Streamline access to guest services and simplifying pay-with-face options

Earn customer trust with supporting your fraud prevention programs

Accept document types from over 200 countries giving you access to a global customer base

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Reimagine seamless, intuitive onboarding and authentication with Incode Omni

Why incode?

  • Preserve Privacy with 100% Automation
  • Process Decisions with Lightning Speed
  • Guarantee Accuracy with continuously advancing AI/ML