Online Services

Online services

Improve equitable service access and remove roadblocks for legitimate applicants while eliminating identity fraud

Call center

Improve the customer experience and quickly, accurately verify caller identity for maximum assurance and faster service

Call Center
Third Party Verification

Third-party verification

Protect constituent privacy and enhance your identity ecosystem through data matching services that compare identity against the government System of Record

Credential issuance

Eliminate identity fraud at the source with the most privacy-centric facial recognition technology on the market

Credit Issuance
Remote Testing

Remote testing

Enable constituents to complete testing remotely and securely to improve the customer experience and reduce service times


Provide hassle-free title transfers remotely for an improved and secure customer experience


Incode’s accurate, privacy-centric identity verification solutions provide:

Over 25 checks to validate identity and reduce fraud for smooth, secure onboarding

Over 50 fully configurable modules designed to support all populations

Scalable and fully automated technology capable of handling any volume

Fast, secure, and easy user experiences with no account required, no app to download, and no user adoption

Power a world of trust

Discover the most accurate identity verification solution