Event Experiences 6

Stadiums, concert halls, and other venues

A robust event experiences solution for streamlined, convenient, and secure entry to stadiums, concert halls, movie theatres, conference, trade show facilities, and other venues.

Creating a more connected, trusted, and safer event experience for every attendee:

Say goodbye to paper tickets and chaos-hit long queues – streamline entry procedures with an easily accessible and user-friendly digital identity solution by Incode

Reduce the risk of site vulnerabilities by prohibiting blocklisted visitors from entering the facility

Easy mobile enrolment, bolstered by swift identity verification using a selfie and a government identity document cuts waiting times

Accept document types from nearly 200 countries giving you access to a global customer base

Designed from the outset to protect the privacy of users

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Reimagine seamless, intuitive onboarding and authentication with Incode Omni

Why incode?

  • Preserve Privacy with 100% Automation
  • Process Decisions with Lightning Speed
  • Guarantee Accuracy with continuously advancing AI/ML