Closing the Trust Gap

Closing the Trust Gap: Frost & Sullivan/Incode September 28 Webinar and Executive Brief

“[O]rganizations that deploy DIV (digital identity verification) platforms and authentication measures experience friction from some end users who question the privacy controls and personal data protections of these systems.” (Frost & Sullivan executive brief, “The Next Phase of Digital Identity Verification and Authentication: Closing the Trust Gap to Transform the Customer Experience,” page 5.)

This “trust gap” can adversely impact user acceptance, not only for public sector organizations (as Incode’s Rob Mikell previously noted), but for all organizations that employ DIV solutions, ranging from banks to sports stadiums. Users and organizations are challenging DIV providers such as Incode Technologies to address this trust gap.

Attend the September webinar

Frost & Sullivan and Incode are jointly hosting a webinar, “Closing the Trust Gap to Transform the Customer Experience.” Danielle VanZandt, a Senior Industry Analyst with Frost & Sullivan, will present along with Jonathan Andresen, Senior Director of Marketing with Incode Technologies. The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at noon EDT / 9:00 am PDT, and will cover the following:

  • How industry adoption of DIV solutions, coupled with digital transformation, is leading to a “next phase” of digital identity verification
  • How DIV solution adoption is adversely affected by the trust gap, the drawbacks of early-to-market DIV solutions from decades ago, and difficulties in scaling DIV solutions
  • Three pillars that are essential to deploying a DIV solution that truly transforms the customer experience

You can register for the September 28 webinar by clicking the link below.

Download the executive brief

In the meantime, you can download a Frost & Sullivan executive brief on the topic of closing the trust gap.

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