Curbing account takeover fraud and preserving privacy

Curbing Account Takeover Fraud and Preserving Privacy: Attend Our Live Webcast

On Wednesday, January 25 at 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, the CyberRisk Alliance and Incode Technologies will jointly host a live webcast, “Bolstering Customer Account Security Without Diminishing Privacy.”

Identity authentication is a critical tool in the fight against fraud, especially as malicious attackers steal consumer credentials in an attempt to take over their online accounts. But it’s also important to ensure that having these safeguards in place doesn’t negatively downgrade the customer experience or violate an individual’s privacy. Otherwise you may be trading one problem for another.

For example, if your company’s identity solution relies on one or more external, third-party partners, then it potentially may be exposing your customers data to unnecessary risk.

In this webcast, Incode will identify the challenges surrounding curbing account takeover fraud, and then explain how its proprietary machine learning, computer vision, anti-fraud and digital onboarding features allow corporate clients to enable features like ID validation, risk assessment, facial recognition and liveness detection services, without forcing consumers to jump through extra hoops or share their sensitive information and attributes with third parties.

The webcast speakers will be:

  • Luis Felipe Segura, Head of IT, Security, and Compliance, Incode
  • Bradley Barth, Director of Community Content, CyberRisk Alliance

To register for the live webcast “Bolstering Customer Account Security Without Diminishing Privacy,” click below.

Bolstering customer account security without diminishing privacy