The New Hospitality Experience, Elevated by Incode

Know Your Guest: The New Hospitality Experience, Elevated by Incode

As a frequent business traveller, there are fewer experiences more frustrating than getting to your hotel after a long international flight, tired and jetlagged before tomorrow’s meeting, waiting in line to check-in to your hotel – only to have to produce all your documents and wait for the front desk clerk to organize your room. Even more challenging can be getting to your hotel room only to find that your electronic key doesn’t work and all the extra steps that entails. In fact, the hospitality industry is replete with examples of time-consuming processes that don’t meet the expectations of high value hotel guests, whether omnichannel guests, business travelers, luxury travelers, or event attendees.

In a recent survey 41% of hotel guests were more likely to visit with greater frequency if they were recognized by an employee without having to give their name, and 62% of hotel guests believe that having this recognition would improve their experience.

The use of biometric data can help to ‘announce’ guests, their information, and their preferences without them having to provide any additional information, as well as improved customer satisfaction. These are many benefits to facial recognition kiosks, which allow for a customized, contactless, and faster check-in and out guest experience.

That’s why leading hotel brands are embracing enhanced digital and biometric technology. In an effort elevate the traditional guest experience, reduce complexity, and improve customer satisfaction, these innovative hotels are looking to personalize the complete guest experience. While ensuring privacy and security, Incode’s advanced biometric verification and authorization platform uses identity to customize and create a truly personal experience both on and off hotel properties.

Imagine if your complete hotel stay experience could be:

  • Transparent – Instantaneous guest identification with your loyalty account to customize your stay based upon your previously indicated personal preferences (i.e., non-smoking room, sundowner’s at 6, firm pillows…etc).
  • Automated – Digital profiles allow you to fast-track check – in, payments, removing time-consuming barriers to your ultimate luxury hotel experience.
  • Seamless – All interactions with the hotel are routed via the app and verified with your most unique asset – your face for a truly customised experience.
  • Contactless – Health and safety as well as speed and ease of use are paramount with Incode’s advanced identity verification and authentication. Imagine a fully touchless experience.

One of the first benefit of this technology is a better use of hotel resources, with self-service kiosks automating the check-in process for guests and allowing staff to focus on more meaningful interactions with guests. (Like how you like your sundowner’s at 6pm!) The second benefit of this technology is the time saving aspect for guests. Who wants to wait in line to check in when you can just easily and simply breeze through the lobby and proceed directly to your personalizedroom with your digitized key already on your mobile? Seamless, secure, contactless, convenience is just a scan away.

To learn more about how Incode Technologies enables the future of trusted, secure, contactless luxury hotel experiences, please read our recent press release referencing our partnership with the Jumeirah Group:  “Jumeirah Group and Incode Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership.”

 And if you’re in the region, don’t miss us at HITEC Dubai May 24-26th. We’re at booth IC19!