User effortlessly navigating Incode ID verification process

Revolutionizing Digital Identity: Introducing the New Era of Incode ID

In the quest to empower a world of trust, Incode has been at the forefront of innovation in digital identity solutions. Today, we’re excited to announce a significant leap forward with the launch of Incode ID for businesses along with a general rollout of the new enhanced user experience. 

Building on its success piloting Fan ID, the identity verification solution Incode ID, now used by over 2.5M users to authenticate when entering stadiums, unveils a groundbreaking update. This enhancement ushers in a new era of user friendliness and allows the user to reuse their digital identity with partner businesses requesting identity verification – going beyond the initial stadium access use case. Aimed to simplify the identity verification process, this update introduces a suite of advancements to boost user engagement and operational efficiency for our enterprise customers. Here’s a closer look at how Incode is redefining digital identity verification and the profound impact of these innovations on the industry. 

Incode ID enhanced user interface screenshot

Intuitive Experience for Returning Users 

Recognizing the challenge of reducing friction to a minimum without compromising security, the new Incode ID now automatically recognizes returning users based on their phone number. Users no longer need to select between signing in and signing up, significantly improving drop-off rates and completion rates. 

Design and Stability Enhancements 

Incode ID has been redesigned to improve ease of use with greater clarity, and to allow users to effortlessly navigate the verification process. Stability improvements ensure a reliable omnichannel experience across all interactions, minimizing disruptions and enhancing user satisfaction. 

AI-Driven Engagement 

Blending Incode’s technology with AI capabilities unlocks a new strategic enhancement to drive authentic and effective user engagement: By re-engaging abandoned users at scale, completion rates have increased 10% and our customers have gained deeper understanding of user behavior and reasons for drop-offs.  

Verification for Businesses 

With this update, Incode ID unlocks positive network effects for organizations and end-users. Incode ID makes the benefits of a reusable identity accessible to any business and in any industry who need to verify their users or employees. The expansion enables a plethora of opportunities for businesses to enhance their security protocols, improve customer onboarding, and drive higher conversion rates, all while offering users a low-friction, secure and trustworthy digital experience. 

With millions of users already benefiting from Incode ID, this update represents a significant milestone in our journey to empower a world of trust. It underscores our commitment to innovation, user-centricity, and the broadening of our solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals alike.