America Digital México

Incode’s revolutionary digital identification achieves:

  • Compliance with KYB, KYC and AML in real-time across borders
  • Automated, fully in-house developed workflows for seamless onboarding in minutes, not days
  • Certified, proven reduction in fraud attempts and continuous security optimization with Incode-developed passive liveness detection technology
  • Privacy-obsessed platform that secures customers’ sensitive data, winning trust

Attend this event to:

  • Get the inside scoop on the latest in digital transformation solutions
  • Network with hundreds of Technology, Fintech, and eCommerce executives from America
  • Meet executives who will showcase how Incode technology can be used to reimagine trust

Held in Mexico City, this will be a chance to connect with thousands of professionals around the world to find out about the trends and development shaping business communications of the future. Incode will be there highlighting how our transformational technology can help businesses find a fast, secure, and convenient way to fight fraud while onboarding new customers. By reimagining the concept of trust in business and finance, our one-stop shop application can provide next-level security and a first-class user experience.