Magno Foro Legaltech

Incode’s revolutionary digital identification achieves:

  • Compliance with KYB, KYC and AML in real-time across borders
  • Automated, fully in-house developed workflows for seamless onboarding in minutes, not days
  • Certified, proven reduction in fraud attempts and continuous security optimization with Incode-developed passive liveness detection technology
  • Privacy-obsessed platform that secures customers’ sensitive data, winning trust

Step into the legal sector revolution:

  • Discover how our cutting-edge tech is transforming the legal industry
  • Connect with pioneers and radicals shaking up the legal world

Incode is here to rewrite the rulebook of the legal industry, and we’re not doing it with a gavel, but with audacious tech.

This June, join us at the Magno Foro Legaltech event held at the iconic Torre Diana in Mexico City. The event will be buzzing with thousands of curious minds, fierce legal experts, and fearless tech innovators. Incode will be right there, wielding our digital torch to light up the way towards a smarter, sharper legal sector.

Law firms, prosecutors, corporate counsels, and everyone else entangled in the intricate web of the legal system, brace yourselves! With Incode, you can simplify your “Know Your Client” (KYC) procedures, streamline case management, and amp up data security. Our system doesn’t just meet regulations, it steps ahead, slashes fraud, and catapults your efficiency into the stratosphere.

Experience the power of AI in detecting falsehoods, automating grunt work, and breaking down legal complexities. Let our solution handle the boring legalese while you focus on the real courtroom battles.

This isn’t just another tech breakthrough. This is the revolution. Discover how Incode is not only upping the game but changing it entirely with our ground-breaking system that balances airtight security and a frictionless user experience.

Welcome to a new era of legal practice where you’re not just surviving the storm, you’re riding the wave. Don’t miss this opportunity to align with the rebel force that’s flipping the legal industry on its head.

Incode is here. We’re not just making noise. We’re making history. Buckle up and join the revolution.