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Face Match

Identity Verification Via Omni Dashboard

Incode’s SDK provides NIST’s Top 3 1:1 matching for user authentication, physical access control, and online account access in less than 300ms.

phone number input
  • Disable face match animation: This setting disables the face match animation.
  • Exact face match: This feature provides additional protection for Liveness. If the confidence is over 0.95, we assume that person tried using ID for selfie and Incode fails the session. An additional layer of liveness to correct the overall face recognition score is based on the exact face match test, if an exact face match is detected. The threshold can be set as below:
    • High: sets the face recognition score to 0,
    • Medium: multiplies the face recognition score by 0.5,
    • Low: this does not affect the face recognition score at all (User will just see that exact face match test is failed) Check face
  • EXIF field Data Time: This option checks face image data is not older than the mentioned time of seconds. Applicable to both SDKs and web-flows.