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Secure one of the most vulnerable fraud entry points – Account Recoveries

Securing employee identity authentication solves the most significant security challenge facing your business today.

  • Traditional MFA: easily compromised and prone to phishing
  • Device-bound factors: bypassed altogether by shifting the risk of identity proof to the account recovery process instead
  • IT help desks: costly at scale and knowledge-based credentials are prone to social engineering
account recovery
of organizations experienced an identity-based fraud attack last year
Increase in deepfake attacks from 2022 to 2023
The average cost of a data breach in 2023

Augment Identity Access Management (IAM) security with face authentication to close the backdoor to social engineering

Incode Workforce fortifies your IAM with a tamper-proof security layer using real-world face biometrics

Enable employees to easily self-authenticate with a selfie and take the risky burden of identity verification off your help desk – allowing you to protect step-up verified access to high-risk data, applications, and critical transactions with the only credentials that can’t be lost or stolen.

tamper-proof security layer
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Next-generation enterprise security with face factor authentication (FFA) to close the back door to social engineering.

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User Experience

Employees authenticate in seconds with just a selfie, minimizing any interruptions to productivity.

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Cost Efficiency

Decrease help-desk costs upwards of 50% with self-serve account recovery and password resets.

lncode augments IAM by securing every critical touchpoint

Employees secure their existing IAM solution by integrating real-world identity, enabling non-device-bound biometric authentication before speaking to the help desk or accessing critical applications and data.


Secure, trusted identity is fundamental for account recovery and protection

Secure Mobile and Remote Access

Enable remote employees to securely access company apps (e.g., Slack) from their own or shared devices and protect them from lockouts and spoof attempts

Safeguard Financial Transactions

Authenticate before high-stakes payments and money transfers with ad-hoc biometric re-authentication to limit access to financial systems an minimize cost of fraud.

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Mission-Critical Systems Protection

Protect your company’s back-end with step-up authentication that can’t by defeated even by lateral movements of compromised high-clearance accounts.

Facial biometrics as the unbreachable digital badge.

Fortify your MFA with an unspoofable biometric authentication layer

Out-of-the-box IAM implementation
Incode Workforce integrates biometric authentication with your existing IAM and ITSM vendor: No developer effort required, and the easy configuration lets you get started in less than an hour.

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The Incode Advantage

With our roots in AI-first identity verification and cybersecurity, Incode stands as the definitive partner for cutting-edge biometric authentication so you can concentrate on running your business.