Building from the Ground Up

Incode Omni is an omnichannel platform creating customer experiences of the future. One key channel is mobile. Covering SDKs, APIs, and end user interfaces, Incode’s mobile team must integrate complex machine learning (ML) algorithms while ensuring a frictionless customer experience. Today, Sonja Kesic, head of Incode’s mobile engineering team, answers questions about her team and the company culture.

Can you describe your background and role at Incode?

I have a background in software engineering from the University of Belgrade. I’ve worked in many different roles spanning engineering, product, and management in both large and small companies. I also have a strong background in mobile and previously consulted for Sony Mobile.

At Incode, I lead the global mobile engineering team. My team is responsible for creating the SDKs (software development kits) and apps on the mobile side. We also integrate many of the ML features developed by our ML team directly into the app and device itself.

I’m also part of the leadership team involved in strategic planning.

What drew you to Incode?

When I first joined Incode, we were still working on building a consumer social media app. Our goal was to build a photo sharing app using facial recognition and machine learning (ML) from scratch. While we later pivoted to identity, at the time, I was excited to be able to build a product from the ground up. This was in the very early days of Incode, and I was also able to use skills I acquired at larger organizations around organization, procedure, and optimization to bring some structure to the startup.

What problems are you solving at Incode?

One of main challenges we’re solving is preventing fraud. We want to prevent someone from impersonating you to open a new line of credit, a new account, etc. At the same time, we want to ensure that the user experience with ID scanning and taking a selfie is as easy and frictionless as possible.

Why does Incode emphasize user experience?

Our clients are concerned with both security and user friction. They want to keep their customers safe, but they also want to get high conversion rates. They don’t want to lose customers over complex, time-consuming ID checks. Customers also want to get through an

onboarding flow in a fast, self-explanatory way. So on the mobile side, we put a lot of thought and design into how to capture the best image without making the customer worry about details like lighting or framing.

What makes Incode’s products stand out?

We built most of our tech in-house, meaning we own all the core technology. Building in-house also gives us the flexibility that other companies using third-party software don’t have. We can create custom configurations at will. This is important for solving complex identity problems.

Identity verification isn’t just one check. Many checks and combinations of scores are involved to accurately verify an ID or selfie. With in-house tech, we can iterate quickly, test new combinations, and problem-solve in real time instead of waiting for third-party updates. This also means our customers and clients can see immediate results.

Building our technology in-house also means we’re truly invested in our people and keeping our talent.

Incode prides itself on hosting many features on the edge or device itself – why is this important?

First, it’s much faster when features are on the device itself. You get instant feedback. Not only do you get better photos for IDs and selfies, but the system can also perform in the best possible way.

There are also privacy benefits to features running on the edge. Biometric templates never leave the user’s device while authenticating, and identity matches are all done on the device locally. The user can be sure their personal data does not leave the device, and we can comply with geographic data regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) required in the EU.

What do you like the most about working at Incode?

It sounds cliché, but it’s the people and technology. I get to work with incredibly smart people solving complex problems.

In the mobile team, you’re not just working on a single feature or app. Working on an SDK is like working on a full product. This means thinking holistically, beyond what you need just to develop an app. You need to think about the APIs connecting to it and how other developers will be using it. Everything from the documentation language to optimization must be considered. Add to that working with cameras and video recordings – it all becomes a very interesting problem to solve.

That’s what’s great about Incode. We’re a technology-first company with a problem-solving mindset. Engineers here don’t just get a task. We’re heavily involved in creating the Product. Everything you build needs to be thought of in terms of how it will help the product. That’s the culture here. You have input in the organization. Your voice can be heard.

At Incode, you’ll learn a lot and feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment in everything you do. I’m proud of the technology I’m building!