Incode sets the bar higher with AI-driven Human Verification

Protect Your Business with World-class Liveness Detection

Protects your company against increasingly sophisticated 2D and 3D presentation attacks with cutting-edge liveness detection.

NIST Certification

Incode’s passive liveness detection technology is certified by independent testing to adhere to NIST standards.

Run faster on the edge

Conventional AI takes too long to run in the cloud – Incode’s industry-leading AI speeds liveness detection running locally, right on the edge.

ISO compliance

Our passive liveness technology is independently certified to be ISO/IEC 30107-3 compliant. Incode Omni includes up-to-date liveness detection tools as part of a comprehensive digital ID verification toolkit.

Top-tier liveness detection is no longer optional

Liveness detection is one critical component of Incode’s AI-driven end-to-end identity platform, providing your customers with frictionless but effective validation across multiple channels.


See how seamless implementation of human verification bolsters end-to-end enterprise identity solutions by experiencing a live demo.


  • Elevate both security and the customer experience
  • Bolster identification with human verification
  • Discover how our biometrics solution provides secure and reliable authentication, right now