Incode Workforce (Know your Employee)

Augment Identity Access Management (IAM) Security and close the backdoor with face authentication

Incode Workforce employs face factor authentication (FFA) to help employees verify their identities before speaking to the help desk, accessing new systems, or making critical transactions.

At Incode, we recognize the imperative of establishing a robust “Chain of Trust” within your organization, ensuring the authenticity of your employees while promoting adherence to best practices concerning sensitive data handling.

Incode’s KYE solution seamlessly integrates AI-driven identity verification techniques into your hiring and authentication processes. This mitigates common issues such as password sharing, unauthorized credential use, misinformation during hiring, risks in password resets, and susceptibility to social engineering attacks, fostering a culture of trust, efficiency, and reliability from the get-go. 

Work eligibility verification and employee onboarding

Embark on a hiring journey with confidence. With 35% of businesses facing fraudulent credential issues, Incode’s KYE solutions simplify real-world identity and work eligibility verification.

Enhanced authentication for critical account management activities


With the rise of social engineering attacks by 20% over the past year, safeguarding account management protocols is paramount. Our selfie and/or ID Verification feature provides a shield, averting the average productivity loss of $400 per employee from delayed recoveries, ensuring secure and effective self-service alternatives.


Impersonation Threats


Manual Procedures

The Incode

Bolster security with selfie/ID verification for high-risk activities.

Streamline account recoveries and password resets.


Decrease the risk of social engineering attacks by up to 20%

Save $400 per employee by averting delayed recoveries.

Continuous verification and face logins

Transition into a password-less era with Incode’s KYE, ensuring swift access and genuine identity verification for employees and contractors through biometric face authentication.


Access Barriers

Identity Mismatch

Incode solution

Streamlined biometric (selfie) login experience.

Continuous genuine identity verification.


50% reduction in time spent on login-related queries.

Up to 5% savings on total payroll.

Related features

Ensure the integrity of hired contractors with our KYE solutions preventing unauthorized substitutions.

Upholding global data protection standards, ensuring utmost data protection for employees and contractors.

With our roots in AI-first identity verification and cybersecurity, Incode stands as the definitive partner for cutting-edge biometric authentication so you can concentrate on running your business.

Our funding rounds are lead by:

General Atlantic
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JP Morgan

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Why incode?

  • Preserve Privacy with 100% Automation
  • Process Decisions with Lightning Speed
  • Guarantee Accuracy with continuously advancing AI/ML