Incode recognized as a Luminary in 2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

Incode recognized as a Luminary in 2023 Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

Find Biometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence Identify Incode as a Guiding Light in Biometric ID Platform Segment

We’ve been named a luminary in the 2023 FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report, based on growth, proof points, unique positioning, strategy, proprietary technology and more – underscoring Incode’s core capabilities to ultimately create a world powered by trust.

Biometric digital Identity Prism - Incode

Fraudsters have taken the public by storm – fueled by a proliferation of online profiles users have online at any given time in tandem with a high volume of online transactions containing considerable amounts of personally identifiable information (PII). According to the Social Security Administration, identity theft is among the fastest rising cybercrimes in the United States – with the main causes being lost physical identities and intercepted PII by threat actors from numerous mediums online.

Traditional IDV systems, which rely heavily on paper IDs, human intervention or sensitive document uploads come with significant challenges, notably privacy risks and inaccuracy. The modern digital world and economy need user-friendly, seamless and secure IDV solutions and a revolutionized identity framework based on the pillars of trust, privacy and wholistic data protection.

FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence noted in the Prism report that, “Biometrics are not the next evolutionary step up from knowledge-based authentication—they represent an entirely new foundation for identity in the digital age.”

Our fully automated, AI-powered platform is guided by a mission of replacing the failing legacy identity infrastructure of yesterday with reusable identity, made frictionless with our vendor agnostic orchestration platform. We believe our methodology and approach to tackling the identity crisis is the clear next step for users and organizations cross-sector and worldwide – spanning financial services, online gaming, sports & entertainment, hospitality and more.

Some of the other differentiators highlighted within the report include:

  • A Culture of Innovation: Incode owns its entire suite of IDV technologies and KYB products. This allows our organization to remain nimble when posed with new challenges in this ever-shifting landscape. With face biometrics at the core of our solution, supported by AI and machine learning, we’ve enabled the best possible performance on the edge.
  • UX Optimized Identity Orchestration: Incode Omni, our fully automated, privacy first identity orchestration platform has been noted as “superlatively” user-friendly. As biometric digital identity becomes commonplace, the report highlights that other developers in the space need to follow Incode’s example of intuitive backend controls to support adoption.
  • Advanced AI Integration: By integrating generative AI into orchestration workflows our platform effectively allows administrators to ask the questions and receive actionable identity and risk level insights in real time.

FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence outlined the importance of IDV technology and necessity for novel solutions as follows: “Something as fundamental as identity technology has a wide breadth of applications. A biometric digital identity solution can theoretically protect banks, optometry clinics, DMVs, chocolate stores, hotel rooms, and dating profiles. In the wake of the COVID- 19 pandemic, a massive wave of biometric vendors flooded the identity and authentication markets to serve the urgent needs of remote work and digital transformation. Despite the plethora of potential customers in a range of industries, successful players followed well-defined strategies laser focused on serving specific use cases in well-defined target markets.”

Inclusion in this report, and being named a luminary in the space, solidifies our team’s objectives are on course for what our digital world needs to make it a safe place for all. This recognition only strengthens our drive to provide customers a best-in-class platform that reduces fraud and onboarding friction while maintaining the highest safety and privacy standards.

To learn more about how we’re transforming the marketspace and to keep up with our latest innovations, read the report here.