Incode Workforce Launch

Incode Workforce Unveiled at RSA Conference 2024: A Milestone in Cybersecurity Innovation 

On the first day of RSA Conference 2024, Incode proudly unveiled its latest cybersecurity solution, Incode Workforce, capturing the attention of industry leaders and cybersecurity experts. This innovative product stands out for its robust approach to combating identity-based fraud and streamlining user authentication across corporate environments. 

Addressing the Growing Challenge of Identity-Based Fraud 

With an alarming 89% of organizations reporting identity-based attacks last year, the need for more secure authentication solutions has never been more critical. Incode Workforce responds to this challenge by leveraging cutting-edge facial authentication technology to detect and prevent the increasingly common and sophisticated deepfake attacks. This technology offers a proactive defense mechanism, significantly enhancing any organization’s security framework. 

Reducing Costs While Bolstering Security 

Incode Workforce not only increases security but also optimizes operational efficiency. It reduces the workload on help desks by automating identity verification processes, which in turn cuts operational costs by up to 50%. This system enables employees to authenticate their identities in mere seconds, improving productivity without compromising security. The use of facial recognition technology eliminates the vulnerabilities commonly associated with traditional multi-factor authentication methods. 

Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure 

The beauty of Incode Workforce lies in its seamless integration with existing IAM systems, such as Okta, Microsoft Entra, ServiceNow and Ping, without requiring any development effort. Setup is quick and straightforward, typically taking less than an hour. This easy integration ensures that organizations can upgrade their security measures without disrupting existing workflows or systems. 

Advanced Fraud Detection and Enhanced System Integrity 

Incode Workforce incorporates sophisticated AI models that provide real-time identity verification, reducing the risk of fraud. These models are trained on extensive, diverse datasets to ensure high accuracy and quick response times in identity verification, crucial for securing ongoing access to critical systems and password resets. 

Closing Security Gaps Left by Traditional MFA 

Traditional multi-factor authentication systems can be vulnerable to social engineering, phishing, and hardware loss. Incode Workforce addresses these issues head-on by implementing biometric authentication that eliminates reliance on potentially insecure methods like passwords or hardware tokens. This approach significantly enhances the integrity of identity and access management processes, safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches. 

Experience Incode Workforce in Action 

Incode Workforce is not just a step forward in cybersecurity; it’s a leap toward a more secure and efficient future. Launched with much anticipation at the RSA Conference 2024, this solution is set to transform how organizations protect their digital landscapes. We invite you to book a demo and experience firsthand how Incode Workforce can ensure your organization’s defenses are ready for the future, today. 

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