Incode leadership in biometric age estimation

Incode’s Leadership in Biometric Age Estimation: A Preview of NIST Benchmarking 

How do we keep kids safe online? This question is especially important since many kids don’t have traditional IDs, making it tough to verify their age accurately. Thankfully, advanced AI algorithms offer a new solution: age estimation through a quick selfie. 

We’re proud to share that Incode played a significant role in a major study led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This study, part of the Face Analysis Technology Evaluation (FATE), presented at the Global Age Assurance Standards Summit, tested AI algorithms from top companies worldwide to see how well they could estimate age using biometrics. The results are promising and suggest that taking a quick selfie to estimate age could be just as reliable as traditional methods, like checking a birthdate on an ID. 

The evaluation follows the “Challenge 25” principle, a retail strategy that requires age verification of ID for anyone who is over 18 but appears to be under 25. 

This technology is crucial for protecting young internet users from risks like inappropriate content and online predators. Because traditional methods don’t work well for children who lack IDs, Incode’s AI-driven approach offers a simple, accurate way to check age without being invasive. 

Enhancing Compliance with Cutting-Edge Technology 

Incode’s approach to age verification seamlessly integrates into user experiences, offering rapid and reliable assessments without compromising on accuracy. Our method, which utilizes a quick biometric selfie to estimate age, boasts a 99.9% true positive rate according to Incode’s internal testing, the highest in the industry. This precision ensures that businesses can comply with legal age requirements effortlessly while maintaining a user experience that discourages drop-offs. 

Innovative Methods for Age Verification 

In addition to biometric age estimation, Incode offers two other methods: document-based and database verifications. Each method ensures that all user interactions are compliant, secure, and non-intrusive, reflecting our commitment to providing versatile solutions tailored to diverse business needs. 

However, with the increasing need for online platforms to verify users’ ages, our age estimation technology is positioned to become one of the most sought-after solutions. This method offers a perfect balance between compliance and user experience, especially crucial in today’s regulatory environment. 

The Future of Age Verification 

As Incode continues to advance this technology, combined with our best-in-class liveness detection, we are setting new standards for what businesses can expect from identity verification solutions. The integration of machine learning enhances our ability to accurately assess age without the need for intrusive or cumbersome processes. This is particularly relevant as regulations around age verification online tighten, making technology like ours not only relevant but essential. 

We’re excited about the impact our technology will have on making the internet a safer place for kids. Patrick Grother from NIST mentioned that this kind of research might help set international standards for using biometrics in this way. Our team is dedicated to addressing today’s biggest challenges by enhancing online safety and helping companies navigate complex regulations. 

Incode’s age estimation technology is not just about maintaining compliance but also about enhancing the way businesses interact with their users—making every transaction smoother and every user experience more trustworthy. We are excited about the potential this technology holds and look forward to leading further innovations in this space. 

As we eagerly anticipate the full report from NIST, we remain confident in our technology’s leadership position in the market and its ability to drive significant advancements in the identity verification industry. Stay tuned for more updates and join us as we continue to lead with innovative solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.