Revolutionizing Democracy: Incode Omni Empowers a Leading LATAM Nation with an Electronic Voting System

Industry: Public Sector
Use case: Remote Authentication for Electronic Voting
Solution: Incode Omni (Authentication component)


  • Remarkable 3-week delivery time
  • Robust facial biometric authentication for enhanced security and integrity
  • Significant reduction of administrative burdens
  • Remote authentication for greater operational advantage


The Chamber of Deputies of this Leading LATAM Nation serves as the legislative body representing the lower house of this country’s Congress, entrusted with the crucial task of proposing, discussing, and approving laws and regulations. With a commitment to modernize their democratic processes, the Chamber sought the expertise of Incode Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of world-class identity solutions, to enhance their new electronic voting system with an authentication component. It was to provide a robust and reliable means of verifying the identity of deputies participating in the voting process.


Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chamber remained steadfast in its commitment to democratic processes and the continuity of governance. The Chamber wanted to implement an innovative system to carry on with the remote electronic voting procedures while ensuring the safety and well-being of its members. In this context, the integration of identity verification technologies from Incode emerged as a crucial tool to secure and streamline the authentication process for each deputy within the voting system.


The Chamber of Deputies sought a comprehensive biometric identification solution that included remote authentication, with key requirements as follows:

  • Fast implementation,
  • Seamless integration within their developed electronic voting platform,
  • Stability and a user-friendly interface,
  • Passive liveness detection mechanisms, and
  • An intuitive and inclusive approach (suitable for users of different ages and skill levels) that demands little training.

Incode Technologies became the exclusive choice during a critical time when the Chamber urgently needed a deployable solution amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Incode demonstrated their exceptional capabilities, delivering the required solution effectively and providing prompt technical support within an impressive timeframe of just three weeks.


The Incode team applied their technical proficiency to customize and seamlessly embed the industry leading Incode Omni identity verification platform, specifically tailoring an authentication component for the Chamber’s electronic voting platform. This advanced solution, enhanced with Incode’s Passive Liveness Detection technology, complemented the voting platform with bank-grade security while eliminating unnecessary complexities.

The solution grants authorized deputies secure access without the hassle of passwords or additional verification steps. After confirming a deputy’s identity, a unique biometric template is generated and linked to their profile, bolstering the overall security and efficiency of the voting system.

The effectiveness of Incode’s Passive Liveness Detection solution has been confirmed by iBeta Quality Assurance, meeting the Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) requirements of the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard (Level 2). With accreditation from NIST/NVLAP (NVLAP Lab Code: 200962), iBeta has tested and delivered results for this PAD standard.


The Chamber of Deputies’ deployment yielded significant results:

  • Remote authentication for operational advantage

The inclusion of remote authentication capabilities facilitated a faster voting process, improving overall efficiency.

  • Significant reduction of administrative burdens

Deputies can now efficiently and securely authenticate their identities through remote digital channels, minimizing procedural complexities.

  • Enhanced security and integrity

Thanks to Incode’s robust facial authentication, the Chamber can accurately confirm the identity of each deputy, mitigating the risk of fraud or unauthorized access to the voting system. This fosters transparency, accountability, and public trust in the voting process.

The digital trail of authentication enables easier auditing and verification, facilitating issue resolution and maintaining the integrity of the democratic system.

  • Instantaneous implementation

Despite being implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic and facing challenges posed by strict COVID-19 regulations, the project was completed within an impressive three-week timeframe. This remarkable achievement highlights the efficiency and dedication of the Incode team, who successfully overcame obstacles to deliver the solution promptly.


The Chamber of Deputies embarked on a collaborative journey with Incode Technologies to revolutionize their electronic voting system and set a remarkable precedent for democracy in Latin America. Incode’s role as a technology enabler proved vital, delivering remarkable results. The innovative remote authentication solution enhanced security, streamlined processes, and fostered greater transparency and accountability within the voting system. By reducing administrative burdens, the authentication process became seamless, enabling deputies to swiftly authenticate their identities through secure digital channels. The integration of remote authentication capabilities further accelerated the voting process, resulting in enhanced overall efficiency and an improved democratic experience.

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