Incode ID: Enhancing Game Day Experiences

Event venues around the world are making their game day experiences more secure and enjoyable for their communities. By introducing Incode ID into their events, venues are reducing the risk of violence, creating more connected experiences across the entire stadium and reducing entry wait times.

Incode ID is pioneering a new era in biometric game day experiences. Our platform takes a unique approach to privacy and security, transparently integrating across every part of the fan experience. The platform is a purpose-built architecture that deploys in days without the need for a network connection. Our cutting-edge biometric identity platform leverages a high performance, fully automated control engine that reduces entry time to seconds.

Embed Privacy Across Every Interaction

Incode ID is revolutionizing customer experiences while incorporating privacy by default. Our unique approach embeds facial biometrics directly into the ticket itself.Incode’s platform is the only solution that removes the need for human analysts to access the data, while keeping personal information right on the edge device. No Internet connection is required.

Cut Game Day Access Time in Half

With native integrations to your ticketing provider, a user can complete a transaction from purchase-to-registration in seconds; quickly producing a digital commemorative ticket in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). On event day, a quick glance will verify the user identity with their ticket, so they can easily enter the stadium without any friction. Controls are available to restrict unauthorized access into the stadium and maintain the exclusivity of VIP zones.

One Identity Across Every Interaction

Incode ties together transactions across a common purchasing mechanism: your facial identity. Attendees can swiftly enter a stadium, purchase a favorite beverage, enter VIP areas, or gain loyalty points with a biometric profile that is linked their credit card or identity.

How it works: One Identity Across Every Interaction.

step 1

Purchase a ticket and register online with your identifying information.

step 2

Receive your digital ticket in the form of a NFT.

step 3

Enter the stadium with a scan of your digital ticket and face.

step 4

Use your face to pay for goods, gain loyalty points, and enter VIP sections.