Securing and Improving the RappiCard Experience with Incode

Rappi, the Colombian multinational platform that acts as an intermediary between companies and individuals for the purchase of products or services, is constantly looking for opportunities to create additional services to help its customers. For example, the company created the RappiCard, a digital financial product that seeks to facilitate access to credit through a new “contactless payment” experience.

Since the creation of RappiCard, the company has sought to guarantee a secure method to expand digital access to the product. As part of these efforts, Rappi wanted to reduce fraud and ensure customers’ peace of mind when requesting and obtaining the card. For this, it was essential to confirm that the data entered by the user was authentic through a secure and reliable process.

Faced with this challenge, Rappi approached Incode for its digital identification process. Incode has consistently proven its ability to improve the user experience while accelerating the customer onboarding process. Through its fully-automated platform, Incode offers secure and reliable identity services, including remote onboarding, document capture and validation, and payment authentication.

By incorporating Incode’s digital identity technology, Rappi obtained the following benefits:

  1. Agile onboarding. Customer registration is fully automated, accurate, and can be completed in a matter of seconds.
  2. Easy authentication. There is no need for passwords; the user’s face is enough for secure login anywhere.
  3. Privacy and Incode’s solution complies with all regulatory requirements in accordance with data protection laws.
  4. Fraud prevention. Protects customers against risks of fraud and identity theft in compliance with regional data regulations.
  5. Automated registration. Automatically completes registration forms with official government-issued IDs.

With the help of Incode, it was possible to identify, onboard, and verify users reliably, strengthening the security of onboarding. This integration also improved the user experience. Thanks to Incode’s real-time user feedback, the quality of user photos has also improved considerably.

“For Incode, it is gratifying to help RappiCard provide a fast, secure, and user-friendly experience when opening an account. In the future, people do not have to repeat these identification processes so that a single process can be used for all procedures they need to carry out,” said Diego Creel, General Director of Incode in Mexico.

Alberto Riveroll, Rappi’s Product Lead, pointed out that, “working with Incode has been very pleasant. It has helped us keep up with our platform, which requires 24/7 attention, so that potential customers can register and get a RappiCard whenever they decide to do so. Likewise, having technology that allows us to automate processes with the assurance that the data and identity entered are real allows us to shorten resolution times and improve the customer experience.”

This is just one example of how Incode offers organizations and customers the banking experience of the future: fast, simple, and secure remote account opening; efficient and reliable processes; and full compliance with international regulations.

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